• If I upgrade my Analogue Nt with the HDMI upgrade, does my Analogue Nt still output analog video?

    When you upgrade your Analogue Nt to HDMI it will output HDMI only. The internal functionality of analog & digital are two different systems that are not compatible with each other. Though, your Analogue Nt can be converted to RGB and HDMI at any time (we'll even install it for you for free!). Moreover, any future advancements in NES technology should be compatible with the Nt too.

    In other words: your Analogue Nt is modular and can be modified at any time to suite your desires. 

    Your Analogue Nt retains all Analog audio output and controls in all versions. 


    1. The PPU in every Nt has the ability to output analog composite video. We believe we can develop a cleanly installable mini daughterboard solution that will provide analog composite video to an HDMI upgraded Nt. We'll be offering to install this for free, to all customers who are interested. This will be the surest solution for providing an analog video output to an HDMI upgraded Analogue Nt.  

    2. For those interested in their Analogue Nt dual outputting analog and digital: we are investigating development into a 'kit' solution in the future for customers who'd like this 'dual' output option.