RGB. HDMI. Videophile Retro Gaming.

Experience video quality so extraordinary - it’s like playing NES for the first time. The Analogue Nt is an RGB NES. This means each and every pixel is razor sharp, producing an astounding level of clarity. The Analogue Nt natively outputs the highest quality analogue signals available: RGB, Component, S-Video, and Composite. With the HDMI Upgrade (sold separately) - you'll be able to connect to your HDTV with HDMI, upscaling to 1080p or 720p. Plug in to any HD or SD television and rightfully display each and every game as the pieces of art they are.

The HDMI Adapter is an internally installed upgrade for your Analogue Nt. It upscales digitally — directly up converting the NES' video as it is being generated from the digital signals on the PPU and CPU. Unlike a traditional scaler, there is no analog to digital converter. This means no lag and zero signal degradation. Check out the HDMI Features and Gameplay videos here.